Are you ready to be spooked by Leading Emcee, Donna Daniels?

As a little girl, I always loved to play dress-up, so when I get the opportunity to be the show host for an event & dress up as well, it’s almost too good to be true.

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Astrazeneca decided on the ‘Fright Night’ theme, but as the host, it was my job to make the ‘scary’ not really ‘scary’ but more like ‘play scary’ and make it fun.

So that’s exactly what we did. Skeletons, cobwebs, coffins & all kinds of scary props were strewn around the ballroom, & I have to give props to the guests, who really went out of their way to dress incredibly for the theme. I would say they wore some of the best costumes I’ve seen on any of my events as the leading emcee.

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I came dressed as a scary evil queen, as I was their queen for the night. My two stage assistants were also scary maid servants for me…lol.

Again Snowie & team Ecopia did an awesome job of bringing the theme to life, and we had a rollicking good time and this ‘Fright’ night was frighteningly good.

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After the dinner and dance we led all the guests into a special surprize room, where a special after party had been planned for those guests who were the true blood suckers & night walkers. They got to dance and party the night away & bop till they dropped.

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Donna Daniels

Donna Daniels

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