What’s the fuss all about Dinner and Dance Themes and why you should care?

Now, this is a question on a lot of committee’s minds, especially when party season comes around.

As a dinner and dance emcee myself, I know how difficult it can be to keep coming up with something that will please everyone.

But I can tell you one thing, obviously it doesn’t hurt to start with a great theme. Themes can really enhance the Fun of a party. Put a little effort into planning the theme and your party is sure to be a huge success!

So this is what I would base my choice of the Best Dinner and Dance Theme on:

1. Know Your Audience.

First of all, will they dress up? Will they take the theme seriously? Are they super excited to rent costumes and go all out for the event? What’s the demographic & age bracket etc? As a committee member, you should know & understand your guests from previous functions, but don’t forget, in this day & age of social media, more & more people are looking for opportunities to put something exciting up on their social media pages, so….. times may be changing!

How To Choose The Best Dinner And Dance Theme? 1

2. Budget????

Do you have $$$$ to spend, or peanuts???? If you really want to bring the dinner and dance theme to life, then you need to think of backdrops, entrance décor, room décor, and also pre-event activities that can make the theme come to life right from the minute your guests step in the door.If budget is tight, you can still do things on a shoestring. Backdrops can be projected onto video screens, entrance décor can be made by the committee or it can be rented for the night. Pre-event activities can be photo-taking with props based on the theme that you can buy cheaply from a party shop.Of course if there are no budget constraints then, the sky’s the limit.

3. Now let’s look at some dinner and dance themes I’ve done, first let’s look at generic.


This means that they can suit any age, race, or profession & people can interpret the theme as they like:

a) Festival of Colours

b) Nite of Stars

c) Racial Harmony Nite

d) Glitz & Glam

e) East meets West

f) Bollywood/Hollywood

g) Around The World

h) Flight of Fantasy

i) Colours of The World

j) Starry Starry Nite

k) Retro Nite (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s)

l) Tropical Paradise

m) Black & White Nite

n) Fiesta Nite

I think you can get a pretty good idea from these dinner and dance themes what a generic theme is. They appeal to everyone, but basically people can still dress in what they personally have in their wardrobe.

How To Choose The Best Dinner And Dance Theme? 2

4. Now let me list some really specific dinner and dance themes that I’ve done where you basically have to dress for the event.

a) Wild Wild West

b) Uniform Nite

c) Super Hero’s Nite

d) Under The Sea

e) Moulin Rouge

f) Everybody Salsa (Latino)

g) Masquerade

h) The Great Gatsby

i) Toga Night

j) Back to School

k) Shanghai Surprize

l) Harry Potter Nite

m) La Cosa Nostra (Mafia Nite)

n) Live Your Dreams Nite

o) Cosplay

p) Movie Magic

q) Safari Nite

r) Hippie Nite

s) Mad Hatters Nite

t) Alice In Wonderland

u) Rock of Ages

v) Spanish Nite

w) Fairytale Nite

x) Halloween

5. And for the dinner and dance committee’s that know you have a wild, wacky & insane bunch that will go all out, here’s a few for you.

a)   Cheerleaders & Jocks

b)   Bikers & Babes

c)   Angels & Devils

d)   Gender Reversal (Guys & Dolls

e)   Playboys & Bunnies

f)    Doctors & Nurses

g)   Pajama Party

h)   Wet & Wild

i)     Rockers & Groupies

j)     Beauty & The Geek

I hope I’ve been able to give you a few dinner and dance themes that are food for thought for your next party.

And don’t forget the most important ingredient. Make sure you choose a great professional emcee in Singapore, (preferably me), who will not only ‘live’ the dinner and dance theme for you, but will bring it alive for your guests, so they feel like they’re on a rollicking bus rolling down the highway that nobody wants to get off……Yeah!

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