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Singapore Emcee Rates for Donna

How Do I Go About Booking Donna Daniels and What Are Her Emcee Rates?

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Singapore Emcee Rates:

What Are Donna's Singapore Emcee Rates Like?

  • Donna charges one flat emcee rate on a “per-event basis”. She does not charge on an hourly basis. However, hourly rates are charged by shopping center promoters and announcers. Professional corporate event emcees charge on an event basis as their focus is always on delivering the best event for your audience and NOT on the time they should finish.
  • However if your event takes the whole day, that would incur an additional surcharge with different Singapore emcee rates.
  • There may also be other applicable surcharges (for e.g., rehearsals, overseas events, events on eve or public holidays etc).
  • Please request for Donna’s rate card, and if there are any questions please email them to [email protected] or call +65 91448777.  Click below to request
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Are Donna’s Rates Negotiable?

  • Donna practices fairness and equality to all those that book her as an emcee and/or showtime. Donna’s rates are the same across the board for all event producers/ agencies.

Is A Deposit Required To Book Donna?

  • Yes a 50% deposit is required after the contract is signed to secure your booking.

Booking Information:

Can I Book Donna’s Emcee Services Directly or Should I Go Through An Event Company?

  • It’s up to you, BUT we encourage clients to engage Donna through her preferred event companies.

As A Corporate Client, Will It Be Cost Saving For Me To Engage Donna Directly?

  • As Donna is in high demand and regarded as a “Premium Grade Emcee” there are preferred Singapore emcee rates given to event companies as compared to direct clients.

My Company Is Not Planning To Use Any Event Organizers, Can We Still Book Donna?

  • Yes. In this case please contact her manager, Harvey, directly at +65 91448777.

How Do I Check If Donna Is Available For My Event?

  • Please contact her manager, Harvey. He is only a phone call away. If you like you could also email ([email protected]), text or whatsapp him at +65 9144 8777.

Can I Reserve Donna’s Services Pending Confirmation From My Client/Management/Committee?

  • As inquiries come in on a daily basis, Donna will only be able to hold an inquiry for 14 days after which if no confirmation is received, your reservation is null and void.
  • Please be aware that availability for dates are dynamic and schedules change on a daily basis.

I’ve Sent Donna An Inquiry To Book/Reserve Her Date For My Event, Does That Mean It’s A Confirmation?

  • Not at all. Inquiries from calls, emails or text messages are regarded as a “Pending Inquiry“ and will expire in 14 days, until you have signed a contractual agreement with Donna.
  • Please ask for Donna’s contract to be emailed to you asap.

How Do I Confirm Donna’s Emcee Services?

  • Please ask for Donna’s Contract Of Agreement to be emailed to you. You just need to fill that form with the necessary details, sign and stamp.
  • Then return it back to Harvey, Donna’s manager, to verify.
  • Only then will your booking be secured.

Meetings and Discussions:

Can Clients Set Up A Meeting With Donna Prior To The Event?

  • Yes, Donna will require a meeting with the client once the Contract Of Agreement is signed this is inclusive in her Singapore emcee rates.
  • For International clients, she will usually do a video conference, skype or tele-conference with clients and have a meeting at the venue on the day of the event.

Will Donna Meet Up With The Client Before They Have Decided To Use Her As The Emceee?

  • No. Meetings with Donna are only for confirmed events where the “Contract of Agreement” is signed.
  • This website is setup to answer as many queries as possible. Should you need further info please call Harvey at +65 91448777.


Are There Charges For Rehearsals?

  • Yes, we do charge for rehearsals where Donna has to come down outside reasonable event hours.
  • If the rehearsal is on a different day, Donna’s manager will get back to you on her availability. Please note that other event confirmations take priority and precedence over any rehearsal.
  • Donna reserves the right to reschedule your rehearsal should another event come in as a confirmation. Please call to inquire on the rehearsal rates.

Will There Be A Charge For A Program Run-Through Before The Event?

  • No. Donna expects to do a thorough program run-through before the event.

Dinner and Dance Games:

Will Games Be Included In Donna's Events?

  • Absolutely. Donna will be your CEO for your event – Your Chief Entertainment Officer.

Will There Be Additional Charges For Donna To Play Games?

  • There’re no charges for games at all. Donna loves to have fun with the audience and entertain them. Her Singapore emcee rates includes all dinner and dance games and props.

Will Donna Be Able To Share The Games That She Will Conduct During The Event?

  • Yes, as soon as the Contract Of Agreement is signed and a meeting date is set, Donna will be more that happy to share the details with the committee.
  • Please bear in mind that she normally prepares more games than she is likely to execute… It all depends on timing, energy and dynamics of the audience and the event.

What Sort Of Games Will Donna Play?

  • Donna’s forte lies in mass audience participation games.
  • Donna does not like to take breaks during the event. She prefers to build the momentum with non-stop excitement and fun.
  • The event will be interspersed with quizzes, dances, games, songs involving, individuals, groups, tables and the whole audience – She will create a exciting variety show for your event.

Emcee Team:

Does Donna Work Alone?

Why Can’t I Engage Her Alone?

  • Donna believes that a successful event takes a dedicated team of people. With Donna’s team you get professional individuals who have been trained to respond to her every cue and timing.
  • They have worked together for many years and that’s what makes them a force to be reckoned with. Donna does not believe in taking risks with your event.
  • The team with the best players always wins.

Are There Any Additional Charges For Donna’s Team?

  • No, the rates are already inclusive of her team.

I Already Booked A DJ For The Event, Can I Opt Not To Take Donna’s DJ/VJ?

  • Donna DJ/VJ is the producer of the event and a specialized professional for Donna’s events only.
  • As Donna is a very spontaneous, on-the-spot, and off-the-cuff Emcee, it is impossible to ask an unfamiliar DJ/VJ to read her cues and know her timing and give the support required to Donna in guaranteeing your event’s success.
  • However you are most welcome to use your own DJ for disco time. This is not the role of Donna producer/DJ/VJ.

Rider/Technical Requirements:

Does Donna Have A Tech Rider?

What Kind Of Equipment Does Donna’s DJ Use?

  • At the moment he uses Pioneer DDJ-SX controller with Macbook Pro running Serato DJ Software.
  • He’ll need to be positioned next to the stage if possible and be able to patch into your AV suppliers equipment/console.
  • A full tech rider is available upon request.

Arrival Time:

When Will Donna Arrive At The Venue On The Event Day?

  • Donna will be at the venue 2 hours before guest arrival for the necessary set-up, briefing and sound checks.
  • For events based overseas, timing may vary.


Where is Donna Based?

  • Donna is an Australian based in Singapore.

Can Donna Host Events Outside Of Singapore?

  • Yes, Donna travels internationally – wherever the event is hosted.

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