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Emcee Singapore, Donna Daniels had done a very great job for our Dinner & Dance for Medtronic Singapore Operations (MSO)! This was one of the best Dinner & Dance that we ever had. A lot of energy, a lot of fun, a lot of impromptu stuff and a lot of fun party games... we enjoyed ourselves! We highly recommend her YOUR Emcee Singapore!

Vincent ChuaCommittee Chairman
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"Singapore Emcee" Donna Daniels New Show Reel Professional Host Showreel D&D, DND, D n D Event

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Singapore Emcee Donna – A True Pro

Singapore Emcee Donna is the most experience emcee that your event deserves!

Funny Emcee Showreel 1:29

Watch some cute and funny emcee footage of Singapore Emcee Donna Daniels.

Brand Logo Launch  Event 2:22

Emcee Singapore Donna Daniels hosted this important milestone event.

Awards Formal Event 3:30

Check out Emcee Singapore Donna Daniels reading the most intense emcee scripts flawlessly.

Please note that Singapore Emcee Donna has refrained from posting videos of dinner and dance emcee games on YouTube. The reason is to protect the copyright of her show host content and material.

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Singapore's Celebrity Emcee

Female emcee and show host for more than 15 years!

As a professional emcee in Singapore, I love to travel for work & have been lucky enough to be engaged by corporate clients who take me and my team to all sorts of exotic destinations.

I’ve emceed across 27 countries in 56 cities… see the full interactive location map here.

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Female Talk Show Host

The Art Of Emceeing

The master of ceremonies is tasked to ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish and that starts at the pre-event meeting (applies for all Singapore emcees and beyond).

It’s where all the x-factors get ironed out so that the event has no hiccups.

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Your event deserves the most experienced emcee Singapore…

What would it mean for you and your audience if your event was a resounding success whether hosting your event in Singapore or abroad?


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The Singapore Emcee that Trains Other Emcees

Singapore Emcee Donna Daniels is a Master Trainer, who has build an powerful online emcee business course. This emcee training course has taken years of research and development. Using a Master Trainer for your event will be huge advantage.


He/she must project a strong positive & resilient attitude. Reading and driving the audience energy is a specialized skill. Very few have mastered it.


You wouldn’t want to engage a rookie or amateur emcee with little or no experience and put your event at risk. Always ask for real testimonials – preferbally video testimonials.


Does he/she have any talents that can compliment the event? Having spontaneity and thinking outside the box in a challenging “LIVE” situation is a huge plus.


Does he/she work with a team for a seamless execution? Having only a DJ is just not enough. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that needs proper management.

Experience Your Audiences Energy Like Never Before...

The ONLY MC With More Than 1,300 Reviews…

What would it mean for you and your audience if your event was a resounding success? Let these wonderful people tell you how it feels like using Singapore Emcee Donna…

Emcee Services in Singapore

Singapore emcee Donna provides services that span from the most sophisticated events to the most outrageous wildest parties

Singapore Emcee Donna - Gets ONLY 5 Star Reviews

She is full of energy and is really good in engaging the crowd with her unique performances and games! And not to worry, the programme will suits all ages....

Dorine TanManager, SNCF

...what is different about her is she makes the whole event very inclusive and welcoming, everyone just loves to be on stage with her. That is something you don't see often.

Awadh AbdatOrganizing Committee, Shell

I was at an event for high power industry and business professionals where Donna was the host. She is funny, witty and a fantastic first class entertainer.

Michelle LauOrganizing Committee

2nd year running that I have engaged Donna Daniels for the Royal Caribbean Cruises Trade Dinner Event in KL. Vivacious & Fun, she never fails to work the crowd.

Tricia LuiEvent Organizer

Donna Daniels was our emcee for our 10th Anniversary... Donna was my 1st and only choice. Indeed the crowd are all in awe of her and she delivered superbly!

Cenci LimDirector, Unison Construction

What does an emcee do?

An emcee plays an important role in the success of any event. They represent the client & what the client wants to achieve with the event. They keep the event running smoothly & on time and impress your guests & create a lasting impression of the event.

When should you use an emcee?

You should use an emcee when you want to get the attention of the audience, or when you need introductions to be done skillfully and professionally and when you want the event to be memorable & entertaining.

How to emcee an event?

There are 3 major stages. 1. The planning 2. The preparation and 3. The execution. In the planning stage you need to decide what is your objective from the event & what is the outcome you’re looking to achieve. The preparation stage is all the ‘behind the scenes’ work that needs to be done to fulfill what was decided in the planning stage. The execution is the coming together of all the efforts of the planning and preparation stages.

How to emcee a wedding?

Meet the wedding couple & get to know & understand what they really want for their big day. Take your time here, as this will determine how you proceed to emcee the wedding. See if you can get some sweet anecdotes about the couple so you can share with the guests throughout the event. Once you’ve done the above, then you need to work out the flow of the event. Do they want a champagne toast, cake cutting, speeches, 1st dance, special performances etc. Design an emcee script & go through it with the couple. Also pay special attention to introductions of special performers, pronunciation of names & special guests. Next stage is on the wedding day, your execution… Click here for more details.

What are the emcee rates in Singapore?

There are fundamentally 2 kinds of events for emcees, hourly charged events & blocked events. Hourly events include, shopping center, road shows, brand activations & they charge by the hour from $100 upwards. The blocked events (usually 4 hours) include D&D, Family Days, Kick-off Events, Gala Dinners, Weddings, Conferences & Seminars & these can range from $750 to $10,000. These rates depend on the quality, experience, expertise, skill & talents of the emcee which ranges dramatically. Click on emcee rates for more details.