Singapore’s Very 1st Christmas Song – Free Download

singapore christmas song

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Donna’s reason for writing the FREE Christmas Song For Singapore

Singapore is a thriving metropolis, no doubt it’s high rise & fast paced, but there’s still something really cosy,& comforting & homey about it. It’s like a delicious cup of piping hot chocolate – makes me feel warm & fuzzy – one of the reasons why I provide my emcee services here.

That’s how the X’mas lights & decorations make me feel.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that Singapore’s a very clean, green, safe place but I really feel the spirit of X’mas when I walk down Orchard Road and see the amazing lights & decorations, twinkling, glittering & sparkling everywhere. What can I say, I’m “bright-eyed” & “bushy-tailed” & love it when a fantasy land comes to life!

Even though we’re a tiny, teeny weeny island in the sun – I feel like I’m in a Winter Wonderland. And that gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling.

So because I feel blessed, I wanted to capture the essence of what I feel in a song. That’s why I wrote ‘Christmas Time in Singapore’.

Yes, it cost me thousands of dollars to write it, arrange it, record it & produce it – but it’s my X’mas present to Singapore.

X’mas is a time of love, kindness & giving & ‘Christmas Time in Singapore’ is my way of ‘paying it forward’. A big “Thank you” for all the love, kindness & joy Singapore & all my Singaporean friends & family have given to me.

This is what touched my heart, and the reason why I wrote this song.

‘Christmas Time in Singapore’ is free for people to download, enjoy & share with their friends, families & loved ones. All I ask is that people bring the spirit of X’mas to one more person. Share a little more love, a little more kindness, give that big beautiful warm Singapore smile to one more person – because Singapore is a beautiful place, it’s a little piece of Heaven on earth & it’s about time we showed the world why we’re so proud of it…

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